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About Konnoc

Konnoc was established in 1992, and has been in the field of batteries and chargers for more than twenty years. Konnoc now is a leading all-inclusive serial battery and charger manufacturer and exporter, and an ISO 9001&ISO 140001 certified enterprise . Along with the development of Konnoc, there are now three main factories for manufacturing chargers, rechargeable batteries and dry batteries respectively.

Konnoc products have been exported to more than sixty(60) countries till now, and KONNOC brand were registered in more than one hundred(100) countries. Based on the successful brand image management these years, Konnoc has developed a group of exclusive agents and sales representatives all over the world .Such as: Europe,North America,South America,Middle East,Southeast Asia…Among all the orders,OEM brand only accounts for 10%.All others are produced under Konnoc own brand name.

Konnoc Team

Konnoc has a professional engineering team responsible for new batteries and chargers development at relatively low costs.With a fully experienced QC team, strict QC system, and well equipped with all types of test machines, including RoHS test machine, for total quality control.

Back up with a very creative design team,  Konnoc has successfully built its brand image to meet the demands of diversifying international market. Konnoc has a leading sales team and efficient customer service team to serve the markets and the customers based on their demands.

Konnoc Speciality

The success of Konnoc brand enhancement contributes to the high quality products ,reasonable prices,superior services, creative design, and continual innovations.With determined market foresight, Konnoc pays special attention to its innovation based on high quality and low cost.

Konnoc provides great support to its agents for new market promotion as well as competitive prices .

To cope with Konnoc market expansion, we can accept OEM orders with large quantity, and cooperate with international enterprises.

In order to comply with the booming market of digital products, Konnoc is concentrating on electric power and chargers research and development, based on its strong development and production team,Konnoc is confident to be the best electric power and digital manufacturer in the world, and to win great success in the future together with its clients and partners.

Konnoc Objectives

Konnoc will strengthen its power in innovation and put more efforts on its brand image management to get Konnoc brand the world famous, and to earn much bigger market share internationally. Konnoc would like to share the great success with the agents, clients, and partners, and will provide them with mutual benefits to look for win and win together!

Sincerely,Konnoc is expecting you to learn us, visit us and work with us!!

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